Win an Embacci Vitis Vinifera Skincare Pack

Vitis Vinifera is the scientific name given to the humble grape. Considered a berry, the grape emerges as one of the most rigorously tested botanicals and is considered to have substantial anti-ageing properties. Carefully extracting embryonic fruit stem cells from the callus of the grape, Enbacci’s Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating range contains phenolic compounds such as anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins to reverse UV- related damage, reduce redness and inflammation, even skin tone, and strengthen youth-perfecting collagen and elastin structures. Optimising moisture levels to enhance skin barrier  function, Vitis Vinifera stem cells seek out and synthesise to damaged  receptors in the skin and adopt their structural coding in order to renew and repair damage from within. Ideal for young and mature skin, the range is 20 times more effective than Vitamin C and 50 times more effective than Vitamin E.

Enbacci Vitis Vinifera Skincare Pack includes:
Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Gel Cleanser; Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating
Essence; Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essential Crème and 5 x Vitis
Vinifera Rejuvenating Sheet Masks.


TO WIN: Email with ENBACCI VITIS VINIFERA in the subject line. Include your contact details. Valued at $309