WIN an Award-Winning Danish Skincare Pack by Beauté Pacifique 


Are you serious about reversing sun damage and stopping ageing in its tracks? Beauté Pacifique is a revolutionary Danish skincare line scientifically proven to significantly rejuvenate the skin. Launched in 1997, Beauté Pacifique has a loyal band of followers including leading dermatologists, international supermodels and actors. Fans include Jennifer Hawkins and Denmark’s Søren Hedegaard, the make-up artist and hairdresser of Crown Princess Mary. Even though doctors suggest avoiding topical retinoids, including Vitamin A, during pregnancy, all Beauté Pacifique’s products, including Crème Métamorphique and Super3 Booster, are safe to use while pregnant and breastfeeding. Its first product, Crème Métamorphique, was launched in 1997 and was an instant success. It was scientifically documented to prevent and repair wrinkles and severely sun-damaged skin thanks to its highly concentrated formula that penetrates the skin’s deepest layers. The Beauté Pacifique range now spans more than 50 products – ranging from facial, hair and body care to sunscreen, a men’s line and supplements. The company offers treatments for stretch marks and scars, hyperpigmentation, brittle nails and more.

“Anyone concerned for the health of their skin, either now or in the future, should investigate the Beauté Pacifique range,” said the company’s Australian general manager, Lisa Velardi.

“The gentle form we use has all the benefits of Vitamin A, without any of the side effects of a retinol. Combined with its unique delivery system, the range is able to help build the collagen and elastin fibres resulting in healthier, better-looking skin.”

Several products in the range are only available from dermatologists, medical specialists and clinics but most can be ordered online. A consultation with a clinic that supplies Beauté Pacifique products will ensure you are getting maximum benefit using the best products for your skin type.



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