Win a MOD Juicer valued at $499

Australian wellness brand MOD Appliances, whose cold pressed juicer has been voted Australia’s No 1 juicer from 2017-2020 consecutively by Product Review, is enjoying a rise in popularity due to people focusing on healthy eating.

The MOD Juicer has a wider chute mouth allowing for large chunks of fruit and veg to be juiced at a time, saving preparation time for the user. Operating at 65 rpm, the juicer operates with a low-speed technology that captures the maximum level of nutrients in produce.

Unlike centrifugal juicers, MOD’s juicing process is “cold press” meaning juice is extracted without heat friction or blades, thereby reducing oxidisation and retaining more vitamins and minerals in your juice. All parts are high quality, made from food safe, BPA free materials.

The full spectrum of the produce can be used, the pulp is ideal for creative and nutritious meals such as beetroot gnocchi, bliss balls and carrot cake. The juicer can also be used to make sorbets and nut milks, making the product a favourite with parents of fussy eaters.

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