Sonia Stradiotto Sails into Summer

In a world teeming with copies and mass production, there is only one Sonia Stradiotto. Her signature designs reflect their namesake – intricately detailed, fiercely feminine and transcending trends. The award-winning designer showcased her latest looks at her annual couture parade at Marina Mirage. The parade featured ultra-glam garments to take you from the boat to the bar. Toasting 28 years in the fickle fashion business, Sonia and her brands have achieved a longevity that is testament to their appeal and personalised approach. They have evolved and diversified, a process of reinvention that has suited the multifaceted lifestyle of her market.

“Like my customers, my clothing is unique,” Sonia said.

“I put my client first, I listen to what they want from their clothing, whether that’s for special occasions, contour wear, jeans and silk shirts, glamorous kaftans, work attire or embellished statement pieces that turn heads and define the occasion.”

Truly meeting the market’s demand for versatile go-anywhere pieces, Sonia has designated BLISS as her “funkier, diffusion label” that specialises in resort wear, while Sonia Stradiotto Couture takes the ‘haute road’ of exquisite designer styling in gowns, cocktail couture and luxe lifestyle. Every piece, BLISS or Sonia Stradiotto Couture, carries the hallmarks of quality, cut, finish, precision and passion.

Sonia is following her heart on an Italian road trip of inspiration for her Summer 2018/9 Collection. We are sure to be rewarded with a bounty of exquisite fabrics and breathtaking designs that embody the vibrance and luxury of La Bella Vita.

Photos: Ruby Communications, Michael Greves