WIN Grit Pro Scooters

Have you got Grit? Ridden by the world’s best freestyle scooter riders, Grit scooters are the most advanced pro scooters on the market. Combining precision design and the highest quality materials, Grit has the perfect scooter to suit your style, skill or discipline. Take it to the next level with the ultimate trick scooter, the new Grit Elite. Retailing for $220, the latest model is the complete package with all the tech specs you need to scoot like a pro. Durable and lightweight, it’s a good-looking ride with a solid skeletonised triple channel deck, integrated head tube, high-tensile fork, alloy-core wheels, soft handlebar grips and flex brake. The cool VIBES range by Grit Scooters is the only girl-specific range in the scooter market. VIBES models come in on-trend colours and graphics, plus a variety of names which bring a unique personality to each scooter. Girls can pick their scooter to match their own unique ‘vibes’. The range is ideal for girls who like to ride in style, in the streets or skate park. Available in seven colours and three sizes, Grit VIBES scooters can handle anything from cruising in style to hardcore tricks. Deck names include Misty, Glam, Wild, Angel, Dreamer, Squad and Destiny. Grit Pro Scooters is at the forefront of the extreme scooter riding scene in Australia, quickly becoming one of the fastest- growing scooter brands in the world.


TO WIN: Email with GRIT PRO SCOOTERS in the subject line. Include your contact details and your preferred scooter.