Cuppa with Class

Home-grown Aussie tea brand Madame Flavour has launched three new  blends, adding a touch of class to the everyday cuppa. Australian Morning Blend is a fragrant, full-strength blend from Kenilworth, Kiruwanaganga and Ullswater tea estates, delivering a strong flavour in a fast-infusing teabag. Melbourne Morning Blend is enhanced with a hint of vanilla, while
Australian Afternoon Grey offers a gentle and aromatic Earl Grey experience.
It features a refreshing hint of Australian lemon myrtle from northern New South Wales and is sourced from Kennilworth, Hatherleigh and Ullswater Ceylon estates. Each new blend retails for $6.30 for 40 infuser paper teabags.
Madame Flavour CEO Corinne Noyes, a pioneer of leaf tea pyramids, worked in marketing for large companies, including Gillette and Simplot, looking after the Leggo’s brand, before creating Madame Flavour 10 years ago. Corinne surveyed tea drinkers in supermarkets to find out what they really wanted from their cuppa.

Summer-Ready from the Inside Out

As the weather warms, we often look to strict diets and exercise regimes to ready our so-called “summer bodies”, neglecting the tweaks we need to make for our inner health. According to Peta Teuma, resident naturopath at GO Healthy, one of New Zealand’s leading supplement brands, our supplement requirements change from season to season and what is helpful to us during winter may be unnecessary for summer. If you’re looking to shift the extra winter layers, Peta recommends supporting a healthy weight by supplementing with Hydroxycitric Acid, which can help to reduce cravings, prevent fat
storage and boost metabolism. Hydroxycitric Acid can be found naturally in fruit rinds and flowers, which are a little rough on the palate, so a supplement can be beneficial. GO Healthy’s Go Garcinia Slim Gold (RRP $49.99 for 120 capsules) is available from pharmacies and online.


Introducing Mast Chew – Australia’s First Plant-Based Gum. With many supermarket gum brands opting for synthetic resins and controversial ingredients, such as Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Titanium Dioxide and Aspartame, it’s refreshing to know there is a healthy alternative. Containing 100 percent natural and organic ingredients, Mast Chew is Australia’s first locally manufactured plant-based and sugar-free chewing gum.
The gum has been sourced from an ancient Mediterranean gum called Pistacia
Resin which has been used for thousands of years to maintain gut health and treat abdominal-related issues including heartburn, gastric and intestinal ulcers. Pistacia Resin is a mastic-like secretion from the Pistacia genus of trees and is combined with Xylitol and mint to create a fresh flavour and texture that cleanses the mouth and soothes the stomach. The product is free of synthetics, latex, sugars, colours, additives and artificial sweeteners. It is easily digested and has been shown to assist in the treatment of stomach ulcers when  swallowed. Mast Chew can help prevent tooth decay and eliminate bad breath. Chewing of gum has been linked to reduced stress, improved memory function and decreased hunger levels by mimicking the rhythmic act of chewing
food. RRP $4.50 16-piece pack and $6.95 for a 35-piece pack.

Enjoy hemp – legally

Aussie start-up HempOz is taking the drinks market to the next level and giving consumers the chance to consume hemp – legally. Bursting with flavours from the Australian Outback. Hemp Oz has created two innovative products in its hem p-infused range. Hemp Kombucha (RRP $6) and Hemp Infused Water (RRP $3.50) offer Aussie drinkers a healthy alternative in the ever-growing beverage market. With the signature ingredient being hemp oil, the sparkling refreshments are an excellent source of magnesium and Omega-3 and 6, which may promote cardiovascular health and strengthen the immune system. They are also an excellent fibre source, vital for keeping the digestive system healthy and in check. With 2.4 grams of sugar per serving, HempOz Kombucha has been formulated with living probiotics and ingredients direct from the Australian outback.

Native Baby Box 

Welcome a new baby into the world with this unisex native baby gift box from Australian brand Mother + Joey. Presented in a keepsake gift box, the  set includes a 100 percent cotton bonnet with sun-peak, Australian buckskin
tan leather booties and a dribble cloth featuring lined towelling on the reverse to catch extra moisture. Bonnet Size 0-6 months, booties 0-3 months.

RRP $85.


Take your party to the next level  with these banana palm cocktail umbrellas. RRP $9.95 for a pack of 24.


Shake it up with drinks that not only taste like summer but look like it too.
Monteverde Luxe Cocktail Set. RRP $69.95.

Slim Secret

Choc Love Bites by Sophie Monk are delicious pieces of chocolate that are gluten free, low carb, keto friendly, and contain protein and fibre so you can enjoy all the pleasure without the gain! But best of all Choc Love Bites have no added sugar, so you can enjoy the taste of real chocolate without the sugar high!

The Year-old Apple

Did you know that some apples are kept in storage for almost a year before hitting the shelves? According to industry group Apple and Pear Australia (APAL), apples are harvested between February and April in Australia, depending on the variety. According to Australian non-profit organisation, CHOICE, different methods of storage are used by growers to bridge
the gaps between harvests, allowing some apple varieties to be available all year round. This means that a ‘fresh’ apple in December may have been in storage for almost a year. According to CHOICE, consumers should choose apples with skin that’s firm and smooth to the touch. In season guide, courtesy of CHOICE:

Granny Smith – harvested in March/April, available all year round
Red Delicious – harvested in February/March, available up to and including December
Pink Lady – harvested in April, available up to and including February
Fuji – harvested in March, available up to and including October
Royal Gala – harvested in February, available up to and including September