Amazing Magnesium

Magnesium is vital for helping to keep the heart and muscles working at their best, blood pressure in check, and bones strong, as well as regulating body temperature. Due to poor oral supplementation and change in modern dietary habits, less than 60 percent of adults meet the adequate intake values for magnesium, according to the World Health Organisation. Considered a form of brine, magnesium oil is made from magnesium chloride flakes and water. When the substances merge, the resulting oil-like liquid is rapidly and safely absorbed by the skin. Sourced from pristine Australian salt lakes, Amazing Oils is a family-run Sunshine Coast company specialising in magnesium chloride health solutions. The company uses organically-registered magnesium chloride to actively replenish magnesium levels in the body and assist in optimal cell, bone and tissue health. Amazing Oils’ Natural Relief Oil Spray (from $21.95 RRP), Gel Roll-On ($27.50 RRP) and Bath Flakes ($25.95 RRP) offer a minimum of 100mg of elemental magnesium absorption by the body.

Detox and Debloat

Clinical nutritionist Jessica Sepel has launched her own range of supplements, JSHealth Vitamins. Detox + Debloat, one of the most unique products in the range, has been formulated with milk thistle, fennel seed and turmeric which are used in western herbal medicine to relieve digestive discomfort and bloating. Milk thistle has been reputed to protect the liver and support body cleansing and detoxification. Fennel seed may reduce abdominal bloating and distension, while turmeric is an  antiflammatory and antioxidant herb that maintains and supports liver health. After years of fad dieting, calorie counting and body image issues, Sydney-based Jessica discovered a love for nutrition and transformed her lifestyle. Now as a clinical nutritionist, health blogger and author, Jessica is passionate about sharing the health message and encouraging others to live a balanced lifestyle filled
with nourishing wholefoods and recipes. Detox + Debloat retails for $44.99 for 60 tablets and is one of several products in the JSHealth range.;

Pure and Clean Lip Balm

An Australian company claims to be the only lip balm company in the world using ethically-sourced manuka honey beeswax and extra virgin olive oil in their products. With consumers seeking natural and locally-made alternatives to synthetic imported products, Clean & Pure is Australia’s fastest growing lip treatment. Forgoing unnecessary chemicals and preservatives, Clean & Pure uses six or less naturallyderived ingredients in their entire range of  balms. Combined with steam-distilled essential oils, Clean & Pure offers an extensive range, including Manuka Honey, Cocoa Butter, Pawpaw, Vanilla, Peppermint, and the best-selling Tinted Rose, a floral-scented balm infused with a naturally occurring pigment to add a healthy red hue to the lip. Suitable for sensitive skin, Clean & Pure is recommended for daily use and can even be worn as a lipstick primer. With balms retailing for $4.99, the products are available online and at all leading pharmacies and health food stores.

Mocka Benny Pet Teepee

Who said teepees are only for music festivals, western movies and kids’  arties?
Introducing the adorable Mocka Benny Pet Teepee, the cutest and softest spot
for your fur baby to snuggle. Retailing for $29.95, the teepee features a quirky
design – complete with sturdy fir wood poles and a stylish grey palette that won’t show up dirt or hair. Perfectly suited for cats and small dogs, your pet will enjoy the comfort of the soft, plush cushion. The enclosed nature of the teepee provides a feeling of safety, providing a unique option for anxious  animals.

five:am yoghurt 

Long gone are the days of yoghurts drowning  in sugar and a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce. Introducing five:am SIMPLY – made with nothing but yoghurt and fruit or honey. The range is free from nasties, with no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. With up to one billion probiotics per serve, it is available in four flavours: strawberry, passionfruit, mango and honey. With a bevy of bling from the Food Magazine Awards, Dairy Industry Association of Australia and the Australian Certified Organic and Food Choice Awards, the company is consistently being recognised as one of Australia’s best yoghurt makers.

The SIMPLY range is available in 120g pouches, 170g or 550g tubs at Woolworths, Coles and selected IGA stores nationwide. Prices start at $2.

Abundant Natural Health

Australian skincare brand, Abundant Natural Health, has launched an innovative range of pain relief products. A first in the market, the products pair 99.9 percent natural, highly concentrated, certified organic magnesium with cucumber extract high in citric acid. The range uses the powerful exfoliating properties of citric acid to allow for maximum absorption of highly concentrated magnesium, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated. The world-first inclusion of cucumber is what makes the products unique. “Exfoliating and hydrating, the cucumber extract allows the highly concentrated  magnesium to penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream where it quickly gets to work on aches, pains, cramps or delayed onset muscle soreness,” said Matt Miller, Formulation Chemist at Abundant Natural Health. According to
an Australian Bureau Statistics survey, one in three Australians aged two years and over do not meet daily magnesium requirements. Prices start at $22.99.


Award-winning advocates for greener living, KIND-LY, has created an armpit mask designed to detoxify the underarms from pore-clogging toxins and chemicals. Made in Australia and formulated with 100 percent natural ingredients, the vegan and cruelty-free mask draws out underarm impurities and clears skin while balancing pH levels and reducing odour during the detoxification period. Anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-viral, the mask eradicates unwanted bacterial strains and microbes that sit on the skin while nourishing the underarm with essential vitamins and minerals. Designed to be used daily for 7-14 days – then weekly as a maintenance treatment – The Armpit Detox is powered by activated charcoal, Australian bentonite clay and colloidal silver, and is fragranced with lemongrass and ginger essential oils.
Available online and in over 200 physical retailers, The Armpit Detox retails for $24.95 (100g) and joins KIND-LY’s range of probiotic rollon natural deodorants. KIND-LY was judged ‘Highly Commended’ in Nature & Health’s 2019 Natural Beauty Awards.


The health benefits of coconut oil are undeniable with studies showing that it has antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties that are beneficial for teeth and gums. It can destroy the bacteria that can cause tooth decay, discolouration and bad breath. Introducing White Glo Coconut Oil Whitening Toothpaste (RRP $6.99 for 150g) and White Glo Coconut Oil Pulling
Treatment RRP ($12.99 for a 10 pack). Coconut oil pulling is an age-old holistic oral care routine. This Ayurvedic practice uses coconut oil to clean and detoxify teeth and gums to improve oral care. It can also whiten teeth.

Pop’d Chips

Cobs has launched a healthy chips range. Pop’d Chips have 60 percent less fat than regular potato chips – without sacrificing the flavour and crunch that chip fans love and expect. Pop’d Chips are air-popped to perfection, ensuring
they have all the crunch and flavour burst of regular chips. Using a unique blend of potato, rice and corn, Pop’d Chips are created by combining heat and pressure, which then air-pops into a crispy chip. The perfect amount of premium High Oleic Sunflower oil and flavour-packed seasonings
are added to create a super-crunchy, healthier chip. Flavours include Sour Cream and Chives; Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream; and Salt of the Sea.
Pop’d Chips are available in Woolworths and independent supermarkets for $4.