About Slim Magazine


Slim Magazine is designed for everyone who wants to reach or maintain a healthy body weight. This magazine helps people achieve great results by presenting the latest medical information, the most effective products, exercise routines, and the most appropriate procedures. Slim Magazine is linked with local and international experts who know how to help everyone be the best they can be. Men, women, and children can get fit and healthy with the expert help that has to date been available only to the rich and famous. Discover the facts about looking good and feeling great. Add to this a little help from our beauty and fashion experts. Your personal make over starts with Slim.


Slim Magazine is not left on newsagents shelves. Copies are available at coffee shops, hair salons, doctors’ rooms, dental and medical surgeries, specialist medical centres, and hospitals. The magazine is promoted through select electronic media including Facebook, the Slim website; www.slim-magazine.com.au, and emailed to an extensive database.


Slim is strategically distributed to reach Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW consumers. The magazine is presented to guests at social events and luncheons, fashion launches, winemakers’ dinners, motor vehicle launches, health retreats, day spas, medical conferences and hospitals.


Total cost per issue to be paid as follows:

• On contract, one third total cost.
• With proof approval, one third total cost.
• On publication, one third total.
• Cancellations after the booking deadline will be charged at full rate.
• Written cancellations accepted seven days prior to booking deadline.
• 10 per cent GST applies on all prices.


Advertising enquiries: Kate Bennett 0419 909 925
Enquiries and artwork to: kate@slim-magazine.com.au
Editorial enquiries to: kate@slim-magazine.com.au
Correspondence: PO Box 8875, GCMC QLD 9726



AB | 34%
C | 31%
D | 21%
E | 14%

Age Group

14-17 | 10.5%
18-24 | 18.2%
25-34 | 29%
35-59 | 35%
60+ | 7.3%

Reader Profile

Renting | 21%
Own Property | 79%


20,000 - 39,000 | 17.9%
40,000 – 59,000 | 19%
60,000 – 79,000 | 19.1%
80,000 – 99,000 | 24.7%
100,000+ | 19.3%
60,000+ | 19.3%

Average Monthly Buying Power

Clothing / shoes | $1,250
Cosmetics / Pharmacy | $450
Salon treatments | $400