Spring is here which means summer is right around the corner! Setting some goals and getting yourself into a fitness routine now will have you looking and feeling fabulous, just in time for bikini season. Spring is Synonymous with rebirth, meaning it is the perfect time to put the steps into action that are required to build a new you.

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring and with the weather warming up and the days getting longer it is easier to get active, and there is no better place to get active then the great outdoors.

Try some of the following locations for some exercise inspiration:

The Beach
A no-brainer really, not only is the beach a beautiful place to walk, the sand makes for some added resistance whilst the sweet salty air is full of negative ions that actually improve your mood. The beach is not only good for your body, its great for you mind as well!

A National Park
Getting out into the bush is a great way to change things up. Exploring local parks and waterfalls whilst checking out the fauna and flora will leave you wondering if you have even exercised at all. Just remember to stick to the trails, or you might encounter more than you bargained for!

The Local Oval
If you don’t have access to a beach or a national park there is always a sporting oval close by. Whilst doing laps by your self may seem a little boring, meeting up with a friend for accountability can be quite rewarding. Make it a challenge starting with one or two laps and add a lap each time!

The Playground
Even the most densely populated cities in the world have somewhere that allows you to get outside and get active and that is the children’s playground. The playground is my personal favourite. With something to hang off, something to step up on and something to push off, the playground makes the perfect piece of equipment for an all over body workout. Just be sure to share it with the kids!